Veteran’s Day

In the US, November 11 (Veterans Day) is a designated day in which we remember and thank those that served or serve in the armed forces and worked or work to protect our freedom. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight one of our employees and thank him for his service. Troy Kostek served in the military for a total of 15 years.

At Burian and Associates, we are proud to have people with a variety of experiences and backgrounds. These different characteristics make our company stronger. They also make it so we can provide better and more well-rounded solutions to our clients. Our work is enhanced when we can relate to our clients in different ways.

While Veterans Day is important to all of us and we should each take time to remember and give thanks, we also think it is important to hear the voices of those who have served. With this in mind, we asked Troy to tell us more about what Veteran’s Day means to him.

In what branch(es) of the military did you serve and for how many years?

United States Air Force (USAF) – 4yrs

US Army – 3 yrs

USAF – 8yrs (Embedded Contractor)

What does Veteran’s Day mean to you?

Veteran’s Day is to honor all those who served and sacrificed in the defense of our country. All gave some and some gave all. Without all those who have served, yesterday and today, we would be without the freedom and liberty we all enjoy.

For me, as a Veteran, it is an honor being part of a family of brothers and sisters through history that have come from all walks of life, races, and religions to stand together and defend the USA, our Constitution, our families, and our way of life. I am proud to have been a part of that family and I am thankful for all those who also serve, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

What would you like people to celebrate/remember on November 11?

Remember and thank those who served. I know I will.

How do you feel being a Veteran has impacted you as a person?

Beyond the education and training that serving in the US Military provided me, the leadership skills and dedication it instilled in me, and the great friendships forged, it has also taught me that as a society we can celebrate our differences, stand together with pride as a nation and accomplish great things.

Thank you Troy!

We are proud to work beside people that have served our country with honor. Thank you to all those who have served.